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Bosch Appliances Repair La Canada

A History of the Bosch Company

If you are trying to find Bosch appliance repair La Canada, then you have found the right place. The Bosch Company began with Robert Bosch and his electrical workshop in 1986. During this workshop, he offered training in mechanics in electrical work and engineering.

In the early 1900′s the Bosch Company was known as the Bosch Magneto Company. They didn’t make any appliances or products during that time. Then in 1912, the Bosch Company built their first factory. This factory was known for being very large and very good for employees to work in.

In 1933, the Bosch Company produced their first product, which was a refrigerator. The founder of the company, Robert Bosch died in 1942. The company went on without him to carry on his legacy.

The Bosch Company produced an excellent food processor in the year of 1952. This food processor was a big deal for its time because it made kitchen work a lot easier for women. The food processor looked great and was very helpful. Bosch appliance repair La Canada is available for repairs on various Bosch products, including these older products.

The 1950s
In 1956, the Bosch Company produced their very first freezer. Although it was very heavy, it was high on capacity and could hold a lot of food within it. That same year, the Bosch Company began making various products for the commercial food service industry, like freezers and refrigerators for businesses.

In the laundry department, the company came out with a washing machine that was all-in-one that was very new and different in its time. The washing machine for clothes did not become a common household item, however, until several decades later. Bosch appliance repair La Canada for washing machines can be found pretty easily.

The 1960s
The Bosch Company later developed their very first dishwasher in 1964. The Bosch Company and the Siemens Company joined up in 1967 to make a joint company. Together, they made an environmental guide for how they would make their products.

They came out with a new technology in 1966 for their dishwashers called the AquaStop. This was a technology for the dish washers that was made to stop water from leaking out of the dishwasher. Later, the Bosch Company came out with an induction cooktop that they introduced to the world. This technology was different because it used electromagnetic energy as the way that it cooked. Essentially, what it did was make the cooking utensil, rather than the stove top itself, the heat source. This has become a technology that is very popular for use in kitchens everywhere even today.

The 1990s
In 1991, the Bosch Company finally came to the United States. Bosch appliance repair La Canada can be found here. The company quit using CFCs and HFCs in their appliances not long after that. The Bosch Company began making refrigerators in 2006 in the United States of America.

Modern Bosch
The Bosch Company has been the recipient of numerous awards for being environmentally friendly in their manufacture of their products, as well as in creating energy efficient products. As of 2009, the Bosch Company introduced a technology in their stoves that made sensors be able to determine the correct temperature needed on a stove. The stove is able to do this by measuring the heat of the pan hat’s being used.

If your Bosch dishwasher has been used a lot and on a daily basis, you might start to experience problems. Sometimes it can be intimidating to look at a dish washer and try to figure out what might be going wrong. Bosch appliance repair La Canada is available if you don’t have any luck troubleshooting the problem yourself.

Before attempting to troubleshoot a dishwasher, make sure that you unplug it and remove it from the water first. The first thing to always check with any appliance if you are having a power issue is to make sure that it’s plugged and the cord is intact. Once you have done this, check your breaker to make sure that didn’t get tripped. Verify that the door to the appliance is closed all the way. These machines are designed to not turn on if the door isn’t completely closed to prevent flooding. Bosch appliance repair La Canada is available for further assistance.