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Bosch Appliances Repair San Gabriel

Bosch Vacuum Appliance Repair Guide

This is a repair guide for Bosch vacuum models PAS 11-21, PAS 12-27 and PAS 12-27 F, so that hopefully you can avoid having to use Bosch appliance repair San Gabriel. Be sure to read all safety warnings and instructions before using these appliances. If you fail to follow all warnings and proper instructions, electric shock, fire and/or serious injury could occur.

Bosch Vacuum Usage
Under no circumstance should materials that are harmful to one’s health be vacuumed, such as dust from beech or oak wood, asbestos, etc. Become informed about any valid regulations or laws for your region about handling procedures for hazardous materials. Only use the vacuum once you understand them completely. Thorough introduction will help avoid operating errors and any possible injuries.

A child is not meant to use this vacuum, or persons who are physically limited or have reduced sensory or mental deficiencies or have a lack of experience. Failure to follow these recommendations could result in injuries or operating failure, requiring Bosch appliance repair San Gabriel. If proper measures are taken, this vacuum can be used to clean dry or wet materials. Keep in mind that liquids could cause an increased risk of electrical shock. This vacuum is not intended to vacuum flammable or explosive materials such as: oil alcohol or solvents. Also, do not vacuum hot or burning materials.

Do not vacuum in rooms that have dust or liquids that have explosive tendencies. Doing so could cause dusts or vapors to ignite or explode. Only use the socket for its specified purposes listed in the operating instructions. As soon as foam or liquid comes out of the vacuum switch it off and unplug it immediately. Also empty the containers. If this is not done vacuum could become damaged requiring Bosch appliance repair San Gabriel.

Only use, store and operate the vacuum cleaner indoors. Any rain or excess moisture in the vacuum cleaner lid can increase the risk of electrical shock.

Be sure to clean the filling-level sensors of any liquid regularly. As well as the float, also check for any damage. Not doing so could cause the vacuum to not function properly. If the vacuum cleaner is being used in a damp environment, be sure to use a residual current device, also known as a RCD. This will reduce the risk of electrical shock. Plug the vacuum cleaner into a main supply that has been properly earthed or grounded. Also, the socket outlet and extension cable need to have a working protective conductor. As you should always do, check the vacuum cleaner, cable and plug, before each use.

Under no circumstance should the vacuum cleaner be used if any defects have been found. Don’t open the vacuum cleaner yourself, make sure to only have it repaired by someone qualified to do so. Only use original parts from Bosch appliance repair San Gabriel. If the vacuum cleaner, cables or plugs are damaged, the chances of electrical shock are increased. The cable should never be driven over, crushed or stretched. Also, be sure to never unplug the cable by pulling on the cord. Failure to do so could cause electrical shock. Never keep the vacuum cleaner plugged in if not in use. This will prevent accidental starting of the vacuum cleaner.

After maintenance has been performed and before restarting, check to see if the vacuum hose is in proper condition. Make sure the vacuum hose attached to the vacuum cleaner to prevent inhalation of dust. The vacuum cleaner is not meant to be used as a seat, as advised by Bosch appliance repair San Gabriel specialists. Failure to follow this could result in damage of the vacuum cleaner. Only use the main cable and vacuum hose carefully. If not used properly, other people could be hurt. Do not use direct water contact to clean the vacuum. Water penetrating the vacuum could cause electrical shock.

Repairing a Bosch Vacuum
Before you can begin any work on the vacuum cleaner itself, you need to pull the main plug. In order to ensure safe and proper work, be sure to always keep the vacuum cleaner and vent slots clean. If the supply cord needs to be replaced, it has to be done by Bosch or an authorized service agent to avoid any possible safety hazards. In the event that the vacuum cleaner fails to work despite proper maintenance, any repairs should be done by a Bosch certified after sales service agent or Bosch appliance repair San Gabriel.

To ensure optimum performance of the vacuum cleaner, regularly clean the permanent filter number 11, using either water or brushing it off after each use of the vacuum. Also, the permanent filter number 11 can be replaced, if needed. To do this, cut through the band that holds the filter in place and remove the plastic basket number 15. After that is done, firmly press plastic basket number 15 into the new filter. Wipe out container 5 every so often with a non-scouring cleaning chemical. Then allow to dry.

If a malfunction happens that causes non-optimal vacuuming performance, check the following:

  • Is the vacuum lid properly attached?
  • Has container 5 been emptied?
  • Are all extension tubes properly connected?
  • Is the hose clogged?
  • Has dust bag number 14 been emptied?
  • Is filter number 11 clogged with dust or dirt?

Make sure to empty regularly, this will ensure optimum performance of the vacuum. If the vacuum still does not work after trying those steps, take the vacuum cleaner to Bosch appliance repair San Gabriel.